Wantagh Elementary’s Young Innovators Get Creative

Wantagh Elementary’s Young Innovators Get More Time to Create

If students at Wantagh Elementary School have the itch to create, they can just head on down to the STEAM classroom during lunch time. Teacher Kaitlin Humphrey has brought back STEAM recess, a popular vestige of the past that gives students an alternative activity during their mid-day break. 

Classes throughout the school are invited to STEAM recess on a rotating basis. While it is only optional, Ms. Humphrey said that many students choose to come her room, and she expects the numbers to increase when the weather gets colder. 

STEAM recess, Ms. Humphrey said, is self-guided enrichment, as students can choose their activity. There will always be options for building and crafting, as well as use of technology resources such as iPads and robots. The shelves are lined with building materials that students are free to use such as blocks, Keva Planks, Legos, Magna-Tiles and marble runs.